Marital Counseling

Marriage requires mutual understandings, common goals, devotion and loyalty which explains that husband and wife seek ways to enrich one another's life by developing pleasant associations such as good times together, shared enthusiasm for their mutual and separate goals, helping one another in difficult times, performing tasks together and the daily expression of love and mutual appreciation.

A marriage will be rewarding if there is love, congeniality, compatibility, sufficient sexual satisfaction and maturity. Happiness in marriage depends on making small sacrifices for the other person with readiness of mind and cheerfulness of effort.

As a counselor I focus primarily on listening, respecting, and understanding each person. A combination of therapy skills and professional artistry with a loving heart will put couples at ease and create a positive change in the couples.

Pre marital Counseling

With divorce rates going up every day, many couples are deciding to become better prepared for the reality and the challenges of marriage before taking the plunge. Pre-marital counseling is often a good first step. Understanding issues of compatibility as well as values each person holds can be essential for a successful married life.

Pre marital counseling is usually facilitated by the skilled therapist who helps to assist the couple in developing skills to navigate their way through the marriage successfully. The therapist help the couples to identify areas of difference between themselves which may become a source of conflict later in their marital life.

Pre marital counseling reduces the stress of pre wedding period. It clears up misconception about sex, talks about issues like interpersonal relationship and family planning, besides helping couples discuss crucial issues like religious practices, customs, beliefs, habits, financial and social values, role of in laws, duties and responsibilities which could become contaminants in their married life.

Pre marital counseling helps in addressing potential areas of conflict and helps in learning about how to have a healthy marriage.

Post marital counseling

Marriages, like cars, need to be maintained. In Marriage conflicts are inevitable. After marriage, couples are usually left to struggle on their own and this is when the problems arise. Some couples hold on to their problems and struggle alone, refusing to seek counseling as a means to save their marriages. The problem for most couples is a lack of skills, often in the areas of anger management, communication, commitment, conflict resolution and intimacy.

Through an expert counselor, couples can be made to understand the requirements of marriage. As a professional marital therapist my focus is to assist the married individuals in resolving their conflicts by understanding their personalities and their interaction in the marriage with emphasis upon their current real – life problems.

Couples during the session are made to understand that good marriage is the most rewarding experience that one's life can offer and that it assures sustained satisfaction of vital human needs both psychological and physical.